Tips for Maintaining Your Home

Your home can potentially be your single largest investment. If you’ve just purchased your first home, no doubt you’ve made numerous trips to the home improvement store to transform your house into your ideal home. Moving from an apartment or your parent’s basement into a home of your own is an exciting time. It also comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. Follow these recommendations from the professional real estate experts to ensure your maintain and potentially increase the value of your home.

Are you already taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and selecting new furnishings from the huge selection available at  Home Decorators Collection?  Before getting carried away with decorating the interior, make a check list of items to be attended to on an annual basis. More than likely, your bank has required that you carry a homeowner’s insurance policy to insure against damages to your home. Confirm with your real estate agent that the estimated replacement cost for your home furnishings is correct.  If you’ve accumulated fine artwork, jewelry or tapestries, you may be required to provide additional riders to your policy. This is a very important step to take and should not be neglected.

Building contractors estimate that it takes approximately 2-3% of a home’s value to properly maintain your investment. Presumably, your home’s value will increase greater than 2-3% a year.  More likely than not, any major defects in the property were uncovered by the inspector and addressed prior to closing. It is nevertheless important to schedule annual maintenance checks on the HVAC system much the same way you schedule maintenance for your cars. Preventive maintenance can defer huge replacement costs.  If your windows are aging and letting warm air out and cold air in, it might be time to begin establishing a monthly savings schedule with the aim of replacing the windows.

Evaluate the trees on your property. Are they touching the house? Trim all branches away from the house, gutters and roof line.  Trim shrubbery away from the exterior and below the windows.  Apply a fresh coat of stain to your deck every other year to maintain the wood.  It takes a lot to maintain a home; but the payoff is generally worth it. Happy home ownership!

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